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NovaSlit® S aluminium foil slitting machine - aluminum - rewinder

NovaSlit® S is the new aluminium foil slitter which has been developed jointly by ACHENBACH BUSCHHÜTTEN and GOEBEL IMS. The slitter can be used for precise slitting of foil thicknesses from 6 - 50 µm into slitting widths starting from 25 mm. The finished roll diameter ranges up to 800 mm in slitting operation and maximum 1,000 mm for re-reeling operation on the bottom rewinder. Furthermore, hard rolled as well as soft annealed material can be processed to the best quality.

This leads to unique advantages and multiple benefits for the operator of the NovaSlit® S with regard to the field of application:

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ACHENBACH BUSCHHÜTTEN, founded in 1452, family-owned and family-run by today, is a global operating system supplier, producing in an integrative approach tailor-made non-ferrous rolling mill machinery and a broad range of foil slitting machines for the non-ferrous metal and finishing industry. Its philosophy is: ‚Technology for Future Concepts‘.


GOEBEL IMS is a world leading supplier of slitting, winding and inspection machines for the processing of aluminium foils, packaging and industrial films, aseptic packaging materials, paper and cardboard, cigarette papers and other special materials. The focus is on the solution and implementation of customer requirements: ‚Converting Ideas‘

NovaSlit® S - aluminium foil slitting machine


1. Reduction of Processing Times

The aluminium foil can be finished even after the annealing process and in small lots enabling a major reduction in lead times for annealed aluminium foils and allowing both, short delivery times and high flexibility. Any remaining stock and coiled material remnants can be processed.

Reduction of Processing Times - foil slitting
Controlling and Reacting - foil slitting

2. Controlling and Reacting

Because of its special design, the NovaSlit® S can also be used for foil inspection to detect flatness or other defects. If needed, these parts can be smoothly cut out with the installed slitting equipment.

3. Welding of Annealed Rolls

In accordance to the separator engineering concept, the ultrasonic welding device is an integrated part of the slitter design, thus, welding hard rolled foil just as good as soft annealed foil is possible.

Welding of Annealed Rolls - foil slitting
Flexible Rewinding - foil slitting

4. Flexible Rewinding

Last but not least, the NovaSlit® S can be used for re-reeling operations on the bottom winder, where the slitter is capable to handle coil diameters up to 1,000 mm.

NovaSlit® S - Aluminium foil slitting machine
NovaSlit® S - aluminium slitting machine


Short Material Distances

  • optimal foil guiding between the individual rollers, of particular importance for soft annealed foils

Moveable Inlet Roller

  • short and constant material feed lengths
  • wrinkle-free incoming material even when slitting thin foils

Large-sized Inlet Roller

  • high wrap angle
  • smooth material feeding

Radial and Axial
Positioning of the Razor Blades

  • optional slitting with razor blade tip or flat blade
  • maximum slitting precision

Free Machine Access

  • operator-friendly monitoring of the production process
  • simultaneous precise adjustment possible
NovaSlit® S - special machine

Welding Unit with Horizontal
Moving Welding Rollers

  • ensuring 100 % of the original belt tension
  • comfortable handling during welding

Horizontally adjustable Contact Rollers

  • constant winding proportions and consistent contact pressure during increasing roll diameter
  • high degree of winding density of the finished rolls

Careful Removal of the Finished Rolls

  • compatibility with different handling systems
  • adaption to the existing internal logistic systems
NovaSlit® S - hard rolled
NovaSlit® S - hard rolled aluminium foil slitting machine
hard rolled aluminium slitter NovaSlit® S


NovaSlit® S - foil cutting machine

Aluminium foil cutting machine

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NovaSlit® S - alufoil slitting machine

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